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Bring Me the Horizon are a British metalcore band from Sheffield, Yorkshire, who formed in 2004. They are currently signed to Visible Noise Records in the UK, Epitaph Records in the US and to Shock Records in Australia. Bring Me the Horizon began in 2004.

The band were originally signed to Thirty Days of Night Records and were the first band to be signed to that label.

They released their debut album Count Your Blessings in October 2006 in the United Kingdom and in August 2007 in the United States.

Bring Me the Horizon recorded their second studio album Suicide Season in Sweden with Fredrik Nordström. The album was released in September 2008.

The band embarked on their first headline tour of the US, as well as appearing in the 2008 Warped Tour. Bring Me the Horizon also joined Mindless Self Indulgence, In Case of Fire, Black Tide and Dir en grey on the Kerrang! and Relentless 2009 UK tour. They also joined Thursday, Cancer Bats, Four Year Strong and Pierce the Veil on the Taste of Chaos 2009 North American tour.

In November 2009 Bring Me the Horizon released a remixed version of Suicide Season, titled Suicide Season: Cut Up!. Musicians and producers featured on the album include Ben Weinman from The Dillinger Escape Plan, Sonny Moore, L’Amour La Morgue (Ian Watkins from Lostprophets), Utah Saints and Shawn Crahan from Slipknot.

In March 2009, guitarist Curtis Ward left the band; he was replaced by Australian guitarist Jona Weinhofen.

The band's third album debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 in the US, number 13 on the UK Album Chart, and number 1 on the Australian Albums Chart, the UK Rock Chart and the UK Indie Chart. Despite reaching number 1 in Australia, the album's sales of 3,600 they gained to get there, is the lowest in the history of the ARIA charts.
Nottingham incident

While on tour in the United Kingdom allegations were made against vocalist Oliver Sykes that he urinated upon a female fan after a gig at Nottingham Rock City. Sykes was subsequently charged with urinating on the fan. Online music zine Drowned In Sound claimed that Bring Me The Horizon were banned from Nottingham Rock City, a claim that turned out to be false when the band subsequently played Nottingham Rock City on 1 December 2007. All charges against Sykes were later dropped.

Band members:
Matt Kean          : Bass guitar (since 2004)
Lee Malia            :  Lead guitar (since 2004)
Matt Nicholls      : Drums (since 2004)
Oliver Sykes       :  Lead vocals (since 2004)
Jona Weinhofen  : Rhythm guitar, keyboards, programming, vocals (2009–2011)

Source: Wikipedia

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